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About us

Newspaper Building a house is designed for residents of private homes, the readers, carrying out construction and repair of single family houses, cottages.In each issue of the paper is interesting and useful information about the updates on the market of materials and technology to the private construction.

Published since April 2009

Audience newspapers:
Private developers engaged in the construction, repair homes, cottages, villas in the home or
planning construction of a house, a cottage cottages with construction crews.
Construction crews and companies operating private construction orders (repair, decoration)

Category of each issue includes:
date information about building materials and services.
Technology building, finishing, development houses, villas, cottages.
The newspaper is distributed free of charge for private settlements in Chelyabinsk and Chel.of its own service delivery:
Participates in thematic exhibitions specialized in one year.
Circulation "Building a House" is 10 000 copies!

We read that to find the right solutions for your future or existing home.
Newspaper "Building a House" is designed specifically for those who plan to build a home or already building a backyard area and ennobles.

In each room you will find offers
how to choose the building materials, how to use them, and what are the benefits of a particular proposal.
What materials are best used for walls, basement, roof.
How to make your home warm, comfortable, safe and modern.
How interesting landscape the area around the house
and many other useful and necessary information from the newspaper